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30-Day Wellness Challenge

30-Day Wellness Challenge

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7 Habits, 30 Days, New You.

By committing to this challenge you will receive 36 bars at a 25% discount! 

In a world of constant change, it can be difficult to remain unaffected by external forces. Holistic health and wellness comes from within. We can create a positive internal environment for ourselves by the activities we choose to fill our days with. Inner peace comes from understanding the things you have control over vs the things you don’t. The ability to tell the difference, and put mental energy towards only the things you can control, will bring you happiness and motivation.


These are the 7 habits we incorporate every day at Shredibles, we challenge you to do these 7 things everyday for the next 30 days. Accept this challenge, and we’ll personally send you a 25% off challenge discount code for your 30 day supply of Shredibles.


Meditate: 10-20min

Read: 30 mins

Exercise: 30min-1hr

Eat Whole Foods: Focus on eating whole foods like potatoes, vegetables, beans, fruit. Stay away from processed foods)

Drink Water: Drink 8 glasses of water

Keep A gratitude Journal: Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day

Eat Shredibles: Eat one (or more) Shredible per day

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We took over 8 months developing our recipe.

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30-Day Wellness Challenge