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Athletes & Artists

Joshua Berovides - Professional Gymnast / Acrobat / Dancer / Singer
Josh currently performs in the show “Le Reve at The Dream” in Las Vegas, a cirque du soleil style aquatic show. Josh performs 10 shows a week. Each show requires him to perform incredible acrobatic stunts, flying high through the air while having to control his body in ways most people can’t even imagine. All of these stunts take a toll on Josh’s body. That is why he turns to Shredibles for recovery. We are very excited to have the opportunity to sponsor such a talented, up and coming superstar.

Giovanni Messina - Professional Kite Surfer / Model 


Giovanni is a professional kite surfer who travels the world shredding as he goes. He currently rides for SoFlo Riders and is well known in the modeling industry. We are happy to have him as a part of team Shredibles! Gio says, “Shredibles has been a total game changer for me when it comes to recovery! Kite surfing is very hard on my body, so eating these bars helps me stay on top of my game…and they taste bomb AF!”

Leticia Esparza - World Champion in Taekwondo / Model


Leticia not only looks like wonder woman, she fights like her too. She started her Martial Arts journey when she was 5 years old, got her black belt at age 9 and won her first world championship at age 10. She is now a 4th degree black belt in taekwondo.
Leticia says, “I train about 5/6 days a week, I have been eating Shredibles after my training sessions and it has helped me tremendously! Not only are they delicious, they help alleviate my aches and pains both during and after my workouts… also they help make sure I get a great sleep every night, which is a very important aspect for being a healthy athlete.” 

Parker Hurley - Yoga Instructor / Author / Model


Parker Hurley is making an incredible positive impact in many ways – From teaching yoga and movement, writing books on how to be your own “Human Hero” to even giving speeches at conferences with Deepak Chopra. Parker says, “I have never seen a product with so many benefits for your body packed into one incredible tasting, on-the-go snack. I am very excited to be a part of the Shredibles movement.”

Conor McHugh - Freestyle Skier ∕ Mountain Biker


Conor is an up and coming extreme sport athlete. We are excited to have him as a part of Shredibles. In the summer he likes to shred the mountains on his bike, and in the winter you can catch him making sick backflips look effortless on the slopes. Conor has always had a love for pushing the limits, but for him to perform his best he needs the best recovery, and that is why he is now a part of team Shredibles.