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Why We Encourage Our Athletes to Push Their Limits

Why We Encourage Our Athletes to Push Their Limits

You’ve heard it before, athletes talking about entering a ‘zone’ while playing the sport they love. Similar to a runner’s high, or a flow state. Everything becomes effortless, fluid, with a natural rhythm. At these moments, performance is at a high and effort seems to be at a zen-like low. This ‘zone’ extends past sports. It can be achieved in business, conversation, art, writing, you name it – It’s indescribable: but everyone has experienced what it feels like to be “in the zone” at some point. But how do we get there more often?

At Shredibles, we draw parallels between sport and life constantly. Many of the lessons we’ve learned in our lives come from the sports we grew up playing: The concept of teamwork, the lessons from both victory and defeat, and the ability to set goals and create a vision that a force greater than the individual can work towards.

Just as in life, all of this requires an undeniable will, mental clarity, resilience, repetition and persistence.

We all have days where we’re just not feeling it. These are the days when it’s even more important to push. This is when progress happens. It’s easy to get in the zone when you’re feeling great. When you’re on top of the world, everything seems to fall into place and that flow state becomes easy to step into. At Shredibles, we want to push ourselves and our athletes to enter that zone even when they feel like crap.  

Make a choice to push through whatever you are facing. On the days you show up to the gym stiff, tired, and unmotivated, push yourself to get into the zone despite all of that. Life is filled with decisions, and we always have a choice what energy we want to align with. If we are constantly seeking out positive, flow state energy in all our activities, we open ourselves up to receive that same energy from the universe.

This is why we encourage our athletes to push their limits: Performing without excuses when you feel sluggish, allows you to realize the power of your mindset. You are making the conscious choice to say: I will get there, despite how terrible I feel right now. That ‘zone’ is always there, we’ve felt it, we know it’s there, waiting for us - it’s up to us to push through the limitations we put on ourselves and enter it.

Developing these habits in small ways daily will transcend past those activities and into your life as a whole. Create a habit of seeking and attaching to good energy and see where that takes you.  

Push your limits, align yourself with positive energy, form good habits, and repeat every day.